Mobile App Developer For Your Startup

Steps to Hiring Mobile App Developer For Your Startup


Mobile apps are available for everything. People can order food, book railway or airline tickets, get movie tickets, book cabs and much more.

People can also use apps to download content, movies, songs and many more. Millions of apps have been developed and people can download them for free or pay for them. It is expected that the apps economy will cross the amount of about $6.3 trillion by 2021.

Many businesses are also aware of the market advantage of these apps and they need an app developer to develop apps for startup. These apps can be developed for Android and iOS mobiles and can be directly interacted with the customers.

As someone who has built an app development company and worked with clients from all industries on their apps, I can tell you that building your product is right compared to saving a few hundred or even a thousand dollars. Finding a partner is more important. The right partner can add value in more ways than just growth, helping you maximize revenue for your app business.

Let’s start with what you should look for in an app developer to make the right decision for your app startup.

Try to surf without hustle

Search the web, looking for countries where you can find the best mobile app developers (North America, India, UK and Ukraine are some good examples). In addition, you need to surf through your own network.

Sometimes while hiring an offshore mobile app developer, you have some hesitation because you don’t know the person. In that case, you can ask for their work profile and try to find out about them in your network.

There must be someone who knows directly or indirectly about his work.

Basically, you need to research, list, scrutinize and finalize. It is often seen that in a hurry to launch the application, people give final touches to the application developer immediately after the external view and later regret because the results are not favorable.

Look for a long term and reliable development partner

You have to make sure that you hire the mobile app developer for a longer duration as it is a long duration process. The duration can vary from a few months to a few years.

The development process involves various stages and release is not the end of it. In order to improve a product, it has to be of use so that you can receive multiple user feedback.

After assessing the feedback, the developer can take a number of actions such as: add new features, file the app, and cut down on unnecessary functionality.

In order to accomplish all these processes, it becomes imperative to establish a long-term relationship with the development team.

Check Their Profile

I would like to remind that we are talking about business and the profile here reflects the work profile. It is not always necessary that a hot looking mobile application being developed can create an application with the same essence.

This is really an essential requirement when it comes to hiring a mobile app developer. You can’t just allow a random person or company to work on your project (after all, it’s your project, but you shouldn’t do what I recommend here).

Always remember that an experienced mobile app developer will have commendable UI/UX skills. He will always be ready to share the mobile applications he has already made.

Once you have the inventory and store available, you can easily decide whether they fit your requirement or not.

Google Knowledge Graph can help you. Google is simply the brand of the developer. You can see important information on the right side of the page.

The mobile application developer must have an amazing work profile and have skills and expertise in areas such as design, marketing and product management apart from coding.

You need to understand things from the perspective of the users and not from the creators. User experience is not only about the smooth working of the application but also about the way it looks.


Communication becomes essential if you hire a dedicated developer from other countries. Communication helps you establish good business relationships. So, the first thing you would do is determine if there is a language barrier.

Make sure the developer you hire can communicate in your language. Time zone is another factor that can be a hindrance.

Communicate with the developer to reach a consensus on a common timeline where both of you can easily discuss and report.
A good developer uses various communication tools such as email, Skype, FaceTime and Messenger to maintain constant follow-up.

Do they have customer references

References not only help you find out what kind of work the developer has done in the past, but also the brands they have worked for in the past.

This is the reason why you should always ask the mobile application developer to share some references/links to his previous works.

If the app developer you are planning has worked successfully in the past, it will easily share the list of its customers. With this, you can get real information about the type of service and their end result.

I’m not asking you to contact them in person and ask for details, but from this you can find out what kind of work they have offered and if their clients are satisfied (a short external look). You can find it on the B2B review site,

These people publish the project review after cross verification by contacting the actual client over phone call. The process they follow, weed out fake reviews and give transparent profiles to their users.

Check Out Your Dedicated Team

It is not enough just to know about the past record of the company. You need to see what resources will be allocated for your product.

For this you need to interact with each and every member of the team; So that you get an idea of ​​how excited they are to work on your project.

In addition, it is a means to establish a healthy relationship between you and the development team.

Price matters but quality is priority

You must have heard the saying, ‘Not being bad doesn’t mean you are good’. In the same way, I wouldn’t say that everything that comes in a low budget is bad (quality-wise), but also not that everything claimed at a high price is the best.

I don’t mind getting something different (with poor quality) at the expense of developing an application like Tinder. Never let the price power your decision.

There are times when applying for a low budget can be heavy on your pocket in future and thus become much more expensive than the investment you made initially.

In such a situation, it is better to be careful than to fix things later. As a precaution you just need to read his past works, read all the terms and conditions (especially if you find that naughty little star at some point).

Privacy Measurements Are Paramount

Privacy and security become imperative in the process of hiring the best app developers.

No matter how reputable the development firm is, you need to ensure that they maintain the confidentiality of your app.

You can achieve this by signing an NDA document between you and the developers that they will not leak any information about your app.

Design should be on top

An application is primarily a marketing strategy and for marketing, it is said that ‘presentation and presence are essential’. Remember, a mobile application developer should not be selected solely on the basis of how good he/she is with coding.

But you also need to understand that the way your app looks has equal importance. Your users will be very impressed by what they see before their eyes; This is how you design your mobile application.

To be very clear it will create the first impression and I hope you know, the first impression is the last impression.

Furthermore, you need to understand that the mobile application you are planning is not only a reflection of your business, but it also represents you in front of your potential customers and clients.

So you have to focus not only on what goes on behind the scenes but also on the way the curtain improves the user experience and tells your story.


These were some of the important things that you need to keep in mind before hiring a perfect app developer for your mobile application.

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