The new rage in startup town

“I have seen this problem in some of the prominent founders in India. It’s called the God Syndrome,” says a leading founder of a startup, who has known BharatPe cofounder Ashneer Grover for over a decade. “What happens is that whatever they (founders) want should happen — and it does (happen) many times. But when […]

BharatPe’s founder Ashneer Grover says audio clip shared on Twitter is fake

Bengaluru: BharatPe cofounder and CEO Ashneer Grover on Thursday tweeted saying an audio clip circulating on social media, which allegedly has him talking to a bank executive, is fake. Grover went on to add that “some scamster” is trying to extort funds ($240,000 in Bitcoins) through this clip. how rich founders treat poor bank employees […]

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